How do you say i hate you in french?

hate french:

I Hate You In French

je vous déteste

"Je te déteste."

Vous is SO formal. lol. If you use vous, you would say it to someone such as a stranger, a teacher, or someone you don't really know very well. Or to someone you have to show a lot of respect for.

Te is used around friends, or pets, etc.. xD

Well you can say it like all of them said to or you can also use……."Je te hais" or….. "Je ne t'aime pas".
I am not sure which is best but I hop I helped.

This Site Might Help You.

how do you say i hate you in french?

je vous hais..hais is hate

je vous déteste

Je vous deteste

It really depends. The word you can be used to express a single person or multiple people.

If you are saying I hate you to ONE PERSON than it'd be "Je te déteste!"

If you are saying it to a group of people or MORE THAN ONE PERSON it'd be "Je vous déteste"

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