Does dying your hair darker make it healthier?

Dying your hair any color will damage your hair because of the chemicals that are used. Dying it more will not help it looking healthier.

Maybe it's your shampoo that is making it look unhealthy?

Best thing I can reccomend is try a different shampoo and let your hair grow out. Don't dye too much and your hair should be fine.

I have dyed my hair countless times. My natural hair color is dark, cool brown. Here's my experience:

1. If you want to keep the highlights, but you want your hair to be and look healthier, here's your solution:

-How often do you wash your hair when you take a shower? Whatever that is, cut it in half. If you wash your hair every other day, wash it every two days instead. Don't wash your hair at all if it's not greasy or dirty feeling. You still take a shower, get it wet, and use CONDITIONER every day, just wash it less often. And whatever you do, DO NOT wash it every day. That is bad for even undamaged hair. It may sound gross, but trust me, it's not, and it's one of the easiest ways to get your hair healthy again. Washing your hair with shampoo strips the hair of it's natural nutrients.

-Get a good conditioner. If you don't have that much money, a really inexpensive but suprisingly good conditioner is 'garnier frutise sleek and shine". If you have enough money to buy something more expensive, go to sally beauty, aveda, or any other salon/beauty store and ask for some help choosing their best conditioner for damaged hair.

-Get a leave in conditioner as well. Garnier frutise also has a good leave-in "melt-away" conditioner that you can put in your hair right after you get out of the shower, when it's still wet.

-Do not blow-dry your hair. Towell dry it best you can, then let the rest dry naturally.

-Do not brush your hair when it is wet. That causes breakage and split ends, so wait until your hair is totally dry before you brush it, if you need to.

-If you have time one day, make this: 1/2 cup olive oil, with one egg. You can make more depending on how much hair you have, but mix it together and then apply it to your hair like you would hair dye or conditioner or hair product, only thicker. To keep it from dripping onto your face, you can cover it with saran wrap. Keep it on your head as long as you want to (the longer the better) and when you're finished, just rinse it out, shampoo, and condition as well as leave-in conditioner. You'll look silly with it on top of your head for a while, but it really nourishes your hair. You can do that as often as you want to, it doesn't damage your hair whatsoever.


If you really just want to dye it darker, it honestly won't damage your hair noticably. I have done the same thing, and my hair has actually felt and looked healthier after dying it darker. This is because instead of stripping your hair of color (bleaching or lighting or dying it a lighter color) it's just changing the current color. Just be sure to use a hair dye brand that has a lot of hair nourishers in it, (they'll advertise it on the box) and do all the things I already listed above. Good luck!

I don't care what all the people on here answered, but I do believe dying your hair to a darker color is healthier for your hair. I've had beautiful healthy dark hair for a long time, and the first time someone put bleach to lighten it with highlights, my hair is in an awful frizzy state that won't go away no matter how much money I spend on expensive products to try to get the frizz out. I am so upset that I've lost my beautiful dark healthy hair to a lighter rat-*** frizzy untameable hair!


no. no dyeing your hair is healthy. it may be healthier than bleaching it, but not by much

It does not make it healthier, you can not undo the damgage caused to your hair. Blond highlights show breakage, so dying your hair darker can hide the breakage and make your hair APPEAR healthier and shinier, but it doesn't make it healthier.

um NO!

dying your hair- no matter what color- causes dryness and DAMAGES your hair, the more jurastic the difference in color, the worse… if you want to repair your hair's health, consider deep conditioning at least 1 or 2x a week

im not sure if you use any heat tools such as flat irons, blow dryers or curling irons, but while attempting to repair you hair, i would strongly reccomend going easy on the heat tools

Honestly dying your hair period, is just really bad for your hair, epically for people that dye it ALL THE TIME, it is really not good for you hair, your doing so much damage and you don't even realize.

i hope i helped =)

It depends on just what the girl looks like. I such as both, but I'd say blonde typically goes well with everyone. Some aren't pull black off.

We like blonde hair or red yet it depends on what the particular person looks like.

if your dying it it damages it more.

No dying it darker does not make it healthier,but certain brands can make it healthier and some brands are a lot better then others.What I can tell you is that bleaching your hair is bad.Very bad.Use to have long hair untill I bleached it twice a month for like 7 years.Now I have to have it short cause the split ends won't stop and it gets tangled

I am a hair educator your blonde may look like split ends if it is next to a real dark color try to put a level darker blonde all over do conditioning treatments it should seal you cuticles

No, of course not. It's a chemical process. Virgin hair is most healthy.

It may LOOK healthier, because dark hair tends to conceal split ends and and dryness better, but it won't be healthier.

Wow, people give others any type of advice these days… :=/

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