Pint of sour cream?

Nope! A pint is 16 oz the world over!

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16oz *You don't need "wiki" for basic math!

You have to buy the bigger size or two 8 oz ones. 8oz is half a pint.

Eight ounces is a cup. There are two cups in a pint, so you'll need two containers.

I learnt this at school almost 60 years ago, and still remember it

16oz =1 lb
14lbs =1 stone
2 stone =1 quart
4 quarts=1 cwt
20 cwt=1 ton

Maybe this will be of help to you:

Imperial to Metric

1.5pints = 1 litre
18floz = 500mls
14 fl oz = 400ml
10floz (1/2pint) = 300ml
7floz(1/3pint) = 200ml
3.5floz = 100ml
2floz = 50ml

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Pint of sour cream?
The recipe calls for 1 pint of sour cream, and the sour cream container says that it is 8 oz. Is that 1 pint?

My daughter learned that the Queen Pee Pee'd in the Cup Cup–which translates Q(uart) contains 2 P(ints) which contains 2 C(ups). A little uncouth but it worked! She still remembers and is grown now. We just had to memorize it when I was in school 🙂

8 oz is a cup, 16 oz is a pint; this old rhyme will help you remember "A pint's a pound the whole world round."

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