How can I get a cellphone past metal detectors at school?

frist of all
do NOT
say "keep your mind on school and leave it at home" or other crap like that

how can I sneak my phone in?
I need it with me everytime for a reason.

I heard taking th back cover off and the battery and the sim card and putting them in different pockets in your bag
can this work?

It depends on the metal detector that is being used and also the sensitivity setting of it. I can tell you right now that taking the battery and sim card out and putting them in separate pockets definitely does not work though. Your best bet is to buy an old timey lunch box at a thrift store that is made of metal. Make a lunch (which u wont eat) hide the cell phone in a sandwich, just make sure u cover it with lettuce and other things that will conceal it but wont get it soaking wet. The lunch box will be searched but they aren't going to tear apart ur sandwich that is in a ziplock baggy apart.

1) Wear platform shoes and hide the cellphone in the platforms. Metal detectors are less sensitive near the floor to avoid false alarms from shoe metal.

2) Simply pass the phone around the outside of the metal detector, as in the movie "A Fish Called Wanda". I tried this at a metal detector factory, it worked great! The factory owner didn't think it was so great, though!

3) Most schools just use hand held wands rather than the frame type metal detector seen at airports. In this case, just keep your cell phone a few feet from your body under your desk or something.

4) It is not hard to build an electronic spoofer that will stop the detector from going off. To find out how, examine the metal detector to find the patent number. Then download the patent from Generally, the spoofer needs to emit a gentle electrical pulse that is synchronized to the pulse from the metal detector. (You are trying to shorten the "tail" of the pulse). An ordinary 9V battery will give you plenty of power for the job.

5) Just leave the phone in the school, and never take it home. That way, you don't need to take it through the metal detector.

6) Carry a large innocent metal object. When this is detected, show the object and say that it is innocent. Meanwhile, dump the cell phone.

7) Use a pager instead of a cell phone. When your drug dealer pages you, call him on a land line. Pagers are much smaller and easier to conceal, and contain little metal particularly if you take the batteries out.

8) Bribe the lady doing the screening by offering her a piece of the action.

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