What is (-1/2) to the second power?

yes.. you got it. if you take a ***negative number *** use even exponents.. it will become positive, with odd exponents.. it will stay negative

a extensive no. besides, the government will go on with its plan as hassle-free as quickly because it has its mind onto some subject. i assume an exact committee had already been put in years interior the previous to earnings if applying nuclear power is on the industry for Singapore. speaking approximately catch 22 concern, the 1st question that spring to mind is: a million)Is it needed? 2) Is the government going to attend to the undertaking or the undertaking being tendered out to private organization, which will bring about cost subject for the potential generated? 3) Any subsidy; as this is riskier for citizen, the bill might desire to be extra value-powerful.. I nevertheless experience that the Singapore government only decide to place Singapore on the map returned because of the fact the 1st asian usa that effectively utilise nuclear power to extremely power the financial climate forward. Thats the whole theory on the decrease back of it, a minimum of thats what i think of. Singapore is attempting its very no longer hassle-free to be the 1st interior the whole subject, i don't be attentive to why this is so. probably the term 'kiasu' performs a factor. speaking approximately knowledgeable coping with the nuclear plant if the government elect to head forward with the plan, for those of you who're naive adequate to ask this, right here is the respond. as quickly as extra, i think of the federal government had already sent some men over to its allies with nuclear plant to evaluation the ropes. If push come to shove, Singapore will do what this is staggering at, import distant places skill. end of sermon.


(-1/2) ^2 = (-1/2)(-1/2) = 1/4

Supper simple high school math.

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