How much hp does a 5.7l Vortec 350 have?

I got a stock vortex 350 I done the throttle blade mod cold air intake and took the resonater off how much horse did it gain

adding the K&N Filter sticker and the flowmaster sticker yields about 50 net horsepower to the wheels. But realistically i'd say about 5-10 HP? Why not Dyno the vehicle and see for yourself?

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how much hp does a 5.7l Vortec 350 have?
i have a 1998 chevrolet k1500 tbi 5.7l vortec 350 i was wondering how much horsepower it has stock

Your truck is not TBI as you stated… It is a sequential fuel injection system.

It is rated at 255Hp and 330Tq

about 250-275 hp.

255 hp and 330 ft lbs torque. IIRC all 350 vortecs from 96 to 00 had the same HP


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