Quote meaning (Louis Sachar's "Holes")?

What does the quote from Louis Sachar's "Holes" mean? Is there a meaning behind it at all?

Idt it might be a quote, or a lullaby or something,but regardless what's the meaning?

"If only, if only, the woodpecker sighs, / The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies. / The wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, / And cries to the moon, / if only, if only"

It means that whatever we do, we still keep going, because on the inside, some instict tells us to do it.
Woodpecker – It doesn't want to burrow into a tree, but it must
Wolf – It's instict tells it that their is a bird in the tree, yet there are most likely other animals and wolfs around.

"If only" There was a life better, a life where we have everything we wanted

Someone who tries to give a false veneer of logical argument to faith or spirituality, that is always going to be down to an individual feeling, is going to have to come up with nonsense like this. Yes, the version you've given is pretty much it – or "I know I'm right so anyone who doesn't agree has no grounds whatsoever and is simply wrong". I wish that some religious people would stop trying to pretend that there is anything logical about their faith; just as I wish some atheists would stop trying to pretend that faith should be amenable to logic. These are two different areas of experience and understanding and if people stopped trying to conflate them and/or set up false dichotomies between them, we'd all be a lot happier.

the woodpecker (symbolizing the yelnats family) symbolizes a helpless creature that doesn't bother anyone but has to battle through the hard bark on the tree (or the hard experiences in life) and the wolf symbolizes the curse on the yelnats and it is always preying on them….

i hope i helped!

If Only If Only

You always wish for what you don't have. The woodpecker wants softer wood the wolf wants woodpecker fricassee.

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