Esp bas light is on my Chrysler and wont turn off?

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It won't be a fuse, if they are on. I would look under your dash near your pedals. Follow the arm of the brake pedal up and look for the brake light switch. It is a button type switch that when you push the pedal, the button is released and the lights come on. Sounds like wither one of the wires came off or your switch is mislocated or broken.

What Does Esp Bas Mean

This happened to me yesterday to my 2007 Chrysler 300. It is the fuses! What I did was get my owners manual looked in the back and found page where it showed the fuses. My fuse box was located in the trunk. I opened the lid to the black fuse box then I looked for the corresponding fuses to which the blinkers, windows, horn and wipers corresponded to and checked and pulled these fuses out with needle nose pliers and checked them to see if the inside of the fuse was not blown. Then I put them back in the same place that I took them out from. Also the lid to the fuse box will show you the number of the fuse. This fixed my problem.

esp/bas light came on i ran the code at autozone and it came up as the car had the wrong engine oil in it but that weird because i got a oil change a month ago and i have no lose in power at all why is this light on and 5w20 is the correct oil that was used

Esp Bass

Your Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Indicator Light / Brake Assist System (BAS) Warning Light is a common issue with Chrysler's. The first thing to check is the electrical system. Remove the battery posts and clean them well. Next is to check the ground connection at the bulkhead, under the hood and the positive connections at the fuse box and boost pin. If all that checks out OK, check under the main fuse box for loose / corroded plugs and wires. These are the known, common problems. The fluctuation in power would cause the PCM to momentarily go into limp mode causing bucking on decell. Also have the OBD trouble codes read, including the ABS system.
To reset the ESP/BAS light, with the engine running, in park turn the wheel right to left, lock to lock twice.

I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring and my esp/bas light came on and now my turn signals dont work neither does my cruise control and windshield wipers. Please shed some light on this one for me.

My esp bas light came on and now my car won't start, but the radio and air still works…can someone please tell me what I should do?

My ABS-ESP light stayed on. Turning wheel left then right with motor running turned it off.
Next problem, my parking lights won't turn off. 2004 Chrysler Crossfire. One rear light is burned out . Cause?
The little bulb on dash is lit letting me know that a light is out.

I put subs in my 06 charger and stuck the power cord in the positive battery terminal and the light came on

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