Removing old window tinting film from home windows?

It's actually pretty easy, but rather messy, but removing old window film is definitely something you can do.

You will need several razor blades, a good, amoniated glass cleaner, and lots of paper towels.

Start by using the razor to get behind the film, and start pulling the film off the glass. It may or may not come off in a big piece, but don't be surprised if it tears often and comes off in small sections. GO EASY when pulling. If you're too aggressive about this stage, you could crack your glass. Don't rush & you'll have no worries.

Generally speaking, once the film is off, the adhesive will remain on the glass. This is where more razor blades, the glass cleaner, and paper towels come in.

Saturate a portion of the window with the glass cleaner. Let it set just a minute or two, and use the razor blade to remove the softened adhesive. The adhesive often gets kind of snotty & gross, just keep wiping the goop off the blade and onto the paper towel/s.

Repeat the process in the next section of window until no more adhesive remains. Don't be afraid to change out razor blades on a regular basis. Doing so helps keep you from scratching the glass with a chewed up blade. Once the adhevsive is gone, give the pane one filal wash with glass cleaner and paper towels.

It's not a hard process, just boring and redundant and can be a little messy.

Good luck.

Fill a spray bottle with ammonia. Spray ammonia on tinted side of window,you might want to Put a towel under the window due to the possible drips. The next step you need heat. If your window is in the sun your in luck! Take a black trash bag,cut to fit window,after you spray the amonia apply the trash bag to window and smooth out. The amonia should allow the bag to stick. Leave alone for about an hour. The heat from the black and the amonia to loosen the old adhesive,it should peel rigth off. use the ammonia again to clean off axcess residue.If your window is in the shade try a hair dryer but still use the black to keep the amonia from evaporating.

I have cleaned a lot of windows in my day. If the tint is as old as the house it may be hard to take off, or it may be brittle and rather easy. Either way it is going to take a little elbow grease. Razor blades is the answer to your question. Find strait edge razor blades with a handle for easy use. You can find them just about anywhere. Walmart, or any building supply store. Take and scrape the old tint off. you can start anywhere on the window you wish. Like I said it may take some elbow grease, once you get it all off wash with window cleaner and you should get the results you are looking for.

How To Remove Window Tint

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Removing old window tinting film from home windows?
The house was build in 78 and the windows were tinted , it looks like some kind of film. Some of the film has gotten very streaky, bubbly and just plain ugly- windows just look dirty. There must be a way to remove the film without having to buy new windows- can anyone help me? Thanks!!!

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