How can i pee without making a mess?

well usually in the morning i wake up and as many of you men know we wake up with wood and sometimes you will pee while erect and its hard because when i gotta go pee if i stand up it splits into directions and i end up peeing on the toilet lid.
and when i try to sit down it seems nearly impossible to sit down because you cant fit it below the seat. and when i do my pee goes through the crack between the seat and the toilet which i end up peeing on the wall on the other side all over my legs and pants the floor and even on that fuzzy rug my mom puts for some reason.
whats worse is that the towels wee use to dry our hands are on the wall which i end up peeing on

same problem.. she cut my dick a month ago.

Someone needs to invent a tube of some sort that we can just pee in. I have had this problem all my life.
My erection doesn't fit if I try to sit down. And if I do bend things, it usually turns into a mess peeing through the crack in the toilet seat. Tired of having to mop and shine the floors after this happens.

pee like a girl, we never make messes 😛

With wood, i find it useful to kneel beside the toilet, and and you can point your penis down far enough to not miss.

As you stand facing the toilet, squat down bending your knees outward until you can sit on the very front of the toilet. Lean forward as you point your erection down. If this isn't enough you can also arch your back so that your butt sticks out. This will help.

The reason you're dealing with this is because you're young & your testosterone level is very high (which is normal). Your testosterone will level off as you get older so it's not like this is going to last forever.

What I would try doing is not concentrating on your woody but more so on you going to the bathroom. If you think about your woody and you going then it'll be too messy and mixed up. All you need to do is basically concentrate, and be relaxing with your mind. If you relax you're able to do it, if not then it'll be basically what you explained. I hope this helped. And yes I am a girl answering this question. No biggie. Guys answer girls' questions all the time.

maybe you can straddle the toilet and aim your penis down try that, or you could stand in the shower then rise it down good luck

The easiest way to do this is by getting rid of the erection.

Get some toilet paper, run cold water on it, put it on the head of the penis, then pee after the penis has began to shrink.

Simple. If you can't wait to go limp, use the shower or tub, turn on the water, vent fan if you have it, and let fly. All goes the same place.

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