What is the difference between icu & micu in a hospital?

icu is any type of intencive care unit, but micu is medical, similarly there is surgical, neurosurgical icus too, good luck

@ "Zac C", coma is NOT short for comatose. "Coma" is a noun and "comatose" is the adjective form of the word. You would not say "the patient is coma" any more than you would say "the patient is in a comatose". ICU (always capitalized) is the acronym for a unit in a hospital, the Intensive Care Unit. There are also NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units, also called "Nic U's" or "Nic Units") and PICUs (Pediatric Intensive Care Units, also called Pic U's or Pic Units). Some hospitals also have a Psychiatric ICU, one for adults and one for peds. So, an ICU is a place. A coma is a deep sleep and is a neurological condition with abnormal reflexive reactions and with electrical activity on EEG. A coma can be a neurological response to brain trauma, to disease or to drugs and can be medically induced to protect the brain under certain conditions. So, a coma is a medical condition.

ICU is a general term for an intensive care unit.

There are specialized ICU's such as

MICU – Medical (pronounced Mick-U)
NICU – Neurosurgical (Nick-U)
PICU – Pediatric (Pick-U)
SICU – Surgical (Sick-U)


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