ESC light came on in MY Sonata, what does that mean?

It means the "Electronic Stability Control" is defective and the car isn't safe to drive until it's fixed.

Esc Meaning

It means there is a problem with the stability system and YES that is dangerous in the winter. The Raven is correct, don't drive it except to a mechanic.

It might sound weird but… since the ESC is connected to ABS module you will get this light to come ON when you have a problem with brake light switch. Hyundai issued a recall related to replacing the brake light switch. The cause is that it could trigger the ESC light ON. This being your condition, I would recommend you to check if the recall applies to you vehicle. If not, you should still have warranty for ESC system. Get the dealer to check into it. Should not be a major concern.

This Site Might Help You.

ESC light came on in MY Sonata, what does that mean?

ESC is the electronic stability control feature for the vehicle that helps it maintain traction and control on the road. The light will blink when it senses the car is losing traction and will compensate accordingly using the computers that control the baking systems in the vehicle. There is nothing you need to do as a driver, it is an excellent safety feature and you only need worry if the light stays on and does not go out. You can also read more about ESC on Wikipedia.

Is it on all the time or just flashes. It will flash when working, say you are driving in snow and the tires try to spin, the ESC light will come on. Mine works just like that.

what does it mean when the esc, brake, and ABS lights flash on for less than a second then off again.
does this repeatably when
1 speeding up
2 slowing down
3 driving arround normally (random)

ooh I want to turn on … no I don't … my 2008 sonata has gone wonky
sometimes the engine seems to surge (earlier / stopped happening)
braking appears to work normally.
I turned ESC off to see if that makes a difference.
Will attach a code reader … might have something

The ESC is your electronic stability control system but just because it's on doesn't necessarily mean you car is "dangerous" to drive. There could be a problem or it could mean it had to be activated at some point in time. Is it on all the time or does it go off?
There was a TSB (technical service bulletin) out for a ESC problem that was actually related to the brake light switch. You can bring it to the dealer and they should be able to tell you what's going on.

esc light sonata

It means there is a problem and no responsible, sane person would tell you to drive it.

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