I think I pulled a muscle in my tongue?

Pulled Tongue Muscle

sounds like tmj

I yawned once and my jaw popped out of place and it hurt so much everyone I talked or chewed or moved it. I was actually forced into physical therapy for it… I didn't like it, but it helped. My jaw was popping out on one side every time it opened. I had to do exercises like putting my tongue on the roof of my mouth and opening my mouth slowly until my tongue was barely touching the roof of my mouth.

If your tongue got hurt, it should heal quickly. Tongues always do. But you could take some Tylenol in the meantime.

Yep…try some ibuprofen or tylenol and rest it. You could rub the area a little and/or apply a warm pack.


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I think I pulled a muscle in my tongue?
I was yawning and my tongue stretched weird and all of a sudden I have a extreme pain under my tongue and under my chin and my head is hurting really bad and it hurts to talk or anything and my jaw hurts really bad, anyone ever have a similar experience?

The muscle under your neck would have tightened up. If you press up under your chin, into the area of your tongue, that area is probably tight as a drum. It should be loose so you can press your fingers into it. To get rid of the pain you have to free up that muscle again and here's how to do that. With both thumbs, one on either side of your chin and about an inch behind your chin, press into the muscle just inside of the chin muscle. It might not press in at all but keep the pressure there. Now relax your body by taking a deep breath and exhaling. After 30 seconds slowly open your mouth all the way, then release the pressure off the muscles but continue to hold your mouth open for another 30 seconds. The pain should be gone.

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