Is It Bad To Drink Your Own Blood When You Get A Cut Or Something?

as long as its your own then its fine. im not sure if its the same if you have a STD or soemthing

haha i do too all my friends are like sickk but i love the taste of blood! whenever i get a huge cut i wanna save it but i freak out and wrap it up to quickly

Uhh, eww.

Ughhh…I would think.
Probably not a good idea to do so.

i do it, nothing wrong with it. hhaha.

and anyone who says they havent done it, well.. their just a liaaaaaaaar.

There is nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do that (whether they will admit it or not) but remember: Your stomach can't digest blood so don't drink too much or you'll get sick and puke.

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Don't worry about it. When I was little I would suck my cuts until they stopped bleeding. It wasn't a big deal. It might be a natural thing to keep the blood from making a mess, but if you ever get seriously hurt don't taste it. You don't want to get an infection. Everyone has different preferences to scents and tastes. It may or may not be a phase, but if your whole family hunts, they probably don't mind the smell either. Just don't try the animal blood. You could get sick. And don't eat the meat at all until its prepared.

its not bad…i mean its ur own blood-it it was someone elses then that would be a problem, or r u rlly a vampire 0_0 lol but its not a big deal…heard that saliva on a cut is best if u don't have any first aid-course if u do have first aid, use it!

Not a big problem. The blood goes down like any liquid, and is chemically broken down in the stomach. As long as it isn't in big qualities, it's no big deal.

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