How much horsepower does a twin turbo supra have?

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Well stock is 330HP, right? whp is usually measured after the standard average of 20% drivetrain loss. Which means it should have around 264whp stock. Intercooler cools the engine for better reliability with high power applications, no power gain there. Cold Air Intake ~8hp, Downpipe and cat delete and midpipe and exhaust ~25hp BOV doesnt add power I believe the stock boost is 11.6psi. You added another 3-4 psi, which gives it another 20hp or so. So my estimates are +53HP So 330HP + 53HP = 383HP After a 20% drivetrain loss, you should have about 306 whp. This is the rough estimate I am getting.

Since the vehicle in question is at least like 10 yrs old…….Who knows how they may be tweaked by now. Best way to decide is to buy one and race a vette….that will tell you lol

Supra Horsepower

Stock Supra

Without listing a year, it's hard to know. The 1988 Supra has a stock 230 turbo, while the 1995 has 320. Who really cares though, the Supra looks much better and more unassuming than the Corvette!

The twin turbo version Supra were out between '93-2002 but discontinued in the US of A in '98. The 2jz-gtte was rated at 280hp due to japans hp restriction in the 90's to 280hp if you look at the hp rating of all of Japans high end sports cars they will all be rated at 280hp but most of the cars made well over 300hp including the Supra. Most Supra's were making around 300hp to the wheels when dynoed.

1/4 miles times recorded for bone stock 4th generation Supras where low 13 sec. Not slow even for todays standards. I don't know much about Corvettes but I'm pretty sure the Corvettes of the same years probably had a hard time keeping up with Supras. But definitely isn't true for he new C6 Z06. A Stock Z06 will definitely beat a stock Supra no daught about it. So it depends on which Corvette. Hope this sheds some light on the Supra.

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