Is it cannibalism if you eat yourself?

no its just disgusting.

A cannibal is defined as a person who eats human flesh,

That is the definition of cannibal YES so if you eat yourself you would be a starving, suicidal cannibal.

self mutalating cannibalism

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yes cuz you're still eating a person of your kind. it's also called suicide.

no it cannibalism if you eat what you are

so loins are cannibalism because they eat lion

yes and that's gross

yes but technically most of the human race is already cannibals seeing as we eat living thing (cows,pigs,ect.)


It is not cannibalism unless you swallow.

It's auto-cannibalism.

Of course it is!
Cannibalism is cannibalism.
In the bible GOD tells you what you can eat and what you can't eat.

yh tat can make u a cannabull so if u get hurt and some how drink ur blood the ur a cannabull

uhh well, yeah
& suicide, & just plain ****** disgustinggg dont ya think?
lmao just sayin…

haha umm yeah

No it's still called cannibalism because you're eating your own species!

autosarcophagy is what it's also called.

Auto Cannibalism

umm.. that would be called ****ing dumb hahahahahahahahahaha.. could you imagine someone eating their own head.. pmsl !!

yessss it is.

yes. If you literally cut off your finger and eat I suppose so

its suicide

canabalistic suicide


it's called Autophagy (or more technically, Autosarcophagy)

auto = self

sarx = flesh

phagus = to consume

eeeewww! please dont do that!

Nope its still just cannibalism.

ever see silence of the lambs? the guy eats his own fried brain. SICK
anyway i think it is cannobolism cuz you are eating a human. i think its worse than eating a human, ur eating YOURSELF! eww lol anyway.

i thought it was more of eating any human


it can be, but it means you eat humans.. not just your self, any human.

If you die it could be just suicide.

some say it could be cannibalism or self love, it is less than bad but it is fine, it is said to give you angel wings, but becareful before blood boils to black, it will not tast the same as red or purple, by the way, don't listen to the nay sayers they are always starting drama in the under tones.

Nobody would eat himself. Among all the cannibal people, I have never read that a person could eat himself. Even Animals don't eat their own body.

it might be masochistic suicide;_ylt=AqA5Xgy7yQzeQ_sfFrTPHXDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090823145442AANN4mz

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