What does "The south will rise again" mean?

This is a concern that I have because the south that fell was everything that America is not today. The United States of America is the land of equality, freedom, opportunity and justice. Equality, freedom, opportunity and justice don’t sound like the "old south" to me. And don’t get this misconstrued; I am not trying to make this a Black vs. White thing. Life just didn't seem to be all that great for anyone in the south at that time. The north wasn't much better. You don't hear people calling out for the return of the old north. So what about the old south do some people really want to bring back when they say "The south will rise again".

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It dosen't mean a damn thing!!! Reading these answers is pissing me off!!! *** YOU MIDNITE!!!! We aint prejudice, we don't want another war, it dosent mean anything its just a slogan they came up with back in the day. We got some dickheads just like the north has got some dickheads. By the way, i aint mad at you for askin if thats what it seems like. : ) sorry for cussing so much!

The South IS rising again as they grudgingly trudge into the early 20th Century. The cheap labor thing didn't work out, as it was discovered that entire auto factories clear out when the fish are biting.

But, land prices are reasonable, the climate is agreeable, (when there aren't flash floods and tornados,) and more and more smokers are considering moving their business South as anti-smoking laws in the Northern States increasingly bar them from their own premises.

And don't forget–for every white southerner still fighting the Civil War, there's an African American still waiting to see who wins.

the antebellum culture

south rise mean: https://tinyurl.im/e/what-does-the-south-will-rise-again-mean

"So what about the old south do some people really want to bring back when they say "The south will rise again"."

you have completely misconstrued the quote, it has nothing to do with returning to a confederate government. what it was, was a phrase used by "redemers" in response to Jefferson Davis in response to the oppressive radical republican government of the reconstruction era.

his end state of the letter was “The American newspapers have not recently encouraged the hope of Seymour’s election, I cannot bear to contemplate another four years of ‘Radical’ rule. Their crimes would probably lead to a terrible reaction and their punishment would be more full and therefore more beneficial to the oppressed South, if it were possible to wait so long and yet have life to rise again. Mrs. Davis presents to you her kindest remembrance…I am your friend, Jeff’n Davis."

from this the "redeemers" coined the phrase, "the south will rise again." implying it would what was nessary and come out of oppressive northern rule by radical republican.

this is why a lot of southern cities use the phoenix or fire bird as a symbol for it's city like Atalanta because "the south will rise up out of the ashes" all of the slogans play off one another, but "the south will rise again," is the most popular.

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Some people in the south have never gotten over the fact that they lost the civil war.
Basically, it's all just sour grapes and mouthing off.

The South Shall Rise Again

Ok here

It means some people think the South will be in control of other races again including the African Americans, so in other words slavery!

I'm a southerner I grew up hearing that forever!

This is a different country than it was even fifteen years ago, and then it was completely different than it was during the Civil Rights era of the 60's. Before that, the country changed dramatically in other ways as well.
The question of "The South will rise again" depends on who said it and when. You seem an intelligent man, so before you attribute meaning to the text, consider the historical and personified context.
It is likely that "The South will rise again" means different things to different people, and is not likely to occur nowdays in a context different than a complete cultural shift toward hispanic heritage.

That quote means that the south should return to have more power. It doesn't mean black v. White. It just means places like Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, some of Florida and other states should be it control.

The South Will Rise Again

i'm a geogria boy, it means that our pride will rise again

Dern Tootin The south will rise again!!!

It has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with being sore losers. It means the South will not remain a defeated, dejected realm of misery and dispair. Instead, the South will become a significant influence on the culture and economy of the entire nation.

Looks like that's already a done deal. So who are the sore losers now?

it means they still can't admit they LOST.

I think it's a battle cry for confederates after they lost the civil war, using it to show their southern pride and longing for a return to the pre-civil war south.

It doesn't have anything to do with race. Its all about religion and culture. If our Nation does collapse, it will be the southerners that will survive. We know how to fish, hunt, plant, harvest, preserve food, dig in. and survive. We're the Bible belt of the Nation. God means something to us. We live by the laws and by-laws God laid down in the Bible, and because of that we are 'weathered" to survive. We know how to build houses out of logs, we know herbal medicine,
As for the North, very few have knowledge of these things. Maybe the ones that has seen how unstable our government is and have started to prepare for it. JMHO

It's just a phrase that uneducated people use way too loosely without understanding the real meaning behind it. They think that it is some sort of way of saying that where they are from is superior to anywhere else in the country. And I'm sure that there are those that Would like to make it a race issue.

I know, I see that same person keep writing that at the end of his messages too and I, like you, don't get it. I am a Georgia Peach and like you, don't feel that revisiting any old Southern political, social, economical, or technological norms would benefit any of us today. I hope the person who keeps putting that responds to you, though. Thanks so much for this question!

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