How many times can a wasp sting, and does it die afterwards?

Wasps do not die after stinging.

It can sting many times. I don't think it does!

Wasps can sting unlimited times, and they do not die afterwards.

Unlike a bee, the wasp sting has no barbs and can be used many times.

wasps can sting unlimited times unlike bees.

Many times. Unlike a bee who die after stinging once. Wasps smooth sting remains attached to their body after stinging.Whereas a bees sting is barbed like a fish hook and when it stings the sting is pulled out of its body and with it the poison gland and small muscles that surround it therefore the poison continues to pump into the body of the stingee.Go to this site – Hope this answers your question

once and then it dies

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how many times can a wasp sting, and does it die afterwards?

Wasps do not die after stinging, although bees do.

A Wasp Will Sting as many times as it wants, it will not die after wards.

A bumble bee will only die after it has made its stung….

Can Wasps Sting Multiple Times

Wasps can sting as many times as they like. bees on the other hand, when they sting the "stinger" part comes out, which proves fatal to the bee.

Wasp stings aren't as sore as bee stings, and can be treated with….vinegar! As soon as you put vinegar on the sting it stops the pain. I think its has something to do with the vinegar being a form of acid, and the sting being an alkali. It kills the sting.

wasps can sting multiple times…and they will. HOneybees die after stinging.

unfortunatley these annoying little things won't die after stinging a person, a honeybee will though. and wasps can sting over and over and over and over…etc. =]

wasps are just plain evil little cretins that can sting over and over again

Any number of times. A bee dies if it stings once because the stinger remains in the victim and rips the bee's back end out. This doesn't happen with a wasp

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