Does anyone know HP on a 350z?

350z Horsepower

In my pro opinion i do NOT like the z series they dont get alot of power but it is on average (stock) no more than 250 sorry to crush some bodies expectations

Stock is 287HP if you have a 2003-2006 350z.

Stock is 306HP if you have a 2007-2008 model.

Cold Air Intake adds 8-15HP.
Short Ram Intake lasts longer, but adds less power like 5-7HP.

Exhaust adds 8-15HP.

Turbo Kit comes with the Intake and Performance chip and intercooler and turbocharger and blowoff valve and Piping all needed for turbocharging.

Turbo kits add at least 100HP, but cost $6,000-8000 for the 350z.

Turbo kits for cheaper cars are half the price. Like $3000-4500 a kit.

the 07 has 306hp 268lb of torgue.. Cold air intake add 10 -15 horses, but you won't notice the difference with out a complete exhaust upgrade meaning from headers to mufflers.

I have a 2003 and was told that it had 289 stock.

This Site Might Help You.

Does anyone know HP on a 350z?
I have a 350z I think the stock engine is 280hp

How much would an intake add?
and an exhaust?

even a turbo?

2007 Nissan 350z Horsepower

intake- 10 maybe
exhaust-15 maybe
turbo- upwards of 100, depends on psi and supporting mods..

goodluck n nice car…friend has one…fun to drive!!! :~)

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