What does it mean when your balls drop?

It means you have been probably hearing from guys who have no clue—like many of the people who responded to your question. At puberty your balls don't drop, they just grow bigger. They drop from your abdominal cavity at or near birth; if any guy has undescended testicles they would have been discovered by the parent or doctor when the guy was very young and the issue addressed. But for some reason some people think that the balls actually "drop" at puberty. In fact, they tend to tighten up most of the time due to almost constant thinking about sex. And as said, they just get bigger so they appear to hang lower.

Well it refers to reaching puberty, you start having changes like in your voice, body will grow, muscles will be more prevalent. And this is due to your testicles producing more testosterone and they will get bigger and lol sag a bit. This also means your penis will Develop more and get to more of your "size" for erections =P and production of semen. I know probably to much info but true =P. Hope that helped =D

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It means in this sense that their voices have deepened

the testicles drop 2 months before birth in males. if they do not drop at this time, they stay inside the body and are permanently sterile. this is how it always happens. the testicles do not drop during puberty. they drop 2 months before birth. perhaps you mean that they hang a little bit lower and get a little more loose

i hit pubirty and my balls droped at 12 and its hanging loose al the way down

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It refers to having hit puberty, and more specifically, your voice breaking.

Balls should drop during puberty. When kids are little mow of their testicles are in their body. When they drop it means they are lower and normal adult male testicles. Hope this helps

Before a boy experiences puberty, his testicles are still mostly inside his body-not hanging down. When your "balls drop" it means the testicles have descended into the scrotum, or "ball sack" and are hanging down, outside the body.

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