Help with naming in chemistry?

The correct answer for PbO is lead(II) oxide. You have to name with roman numerals how many ion charges.

combining chromium (1) and perchlorate together chemical formula

'iso'means 'Isomer' of the substance. Its a branch off a main chain such as an 'OH' group as in , Iso-propyl alcohol for example is i-C3H8O. This is called 'IPA', Iso-propyl alcohol or Rubbing' alcohol used for sprains and strains generally in sporting activities. H3C – CH – CH3 ………..| ………..OH In hydrocarbon chemistry, for example, there are many hundreds of 'iso' compounds….Alkanes, Alkenes, Cyclo compounds, etc…etc. can have isomers of many different forms. Iso-butane is i-C4H10 and can be named as Methyl Propane….. H3C – CH – CH3 ………..| ………..CH3 The combinations of isomers are almost innumerable.

Stretching old brain cells;
Magnesium Nitrate
Sodium Hydro Chloride
Lead Oxide
Aluminum Nitrate
been 30 years since chemistry study??

magnesium nitrate
ammonium chlorate
lead (II) oxide ~ because O^2- and to balance the net lead have to be llead have to be 2+. since lead have various type of charge. you have to show it by roman number.

Mg No3 2 Name

give the systematic name for the coumpound Al(NO3)3

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what's the compound you're trying to name? ********* this is the isopropyl group .. .. ..CH3 … .. .| CH3-CH- this is isopropyl alcohol .. .. ..CH3 … .. .| CH3-CH-OH ********* as to the other answers.. "iso" is NOT an abbreviation for "isomer". In organic chemistry, "iso" is part of the "common" nomenclature system and referes to this substructure .. … CH3 … .. .| CH3-CH-R this is isobutane … … CH3 .. .. ..| CH3-CH-CH3 this is isopentane .. .. . CH3 .. .. ..| CH3-CH-CH2-CH3 but.. because it's common and not systematic, it applies to specific chemicals…ie. it's not a "prefix" .. .. ..CH3.. .. CH3 .. .. . |.. .. .. …| CH3-CH-CH2-C-CH3… . is isooctane .. .. …. … .. .. | .. .. .. … .. .. .CH3 notice the .. … CH3 … .. .| CH3-CH-R group? but this.. on the other hand .. .. . CH3 .. .. ..| CH3-CH-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3 is NOT isooctane even though it has that "iso" group. Why not? Because that iso is not a prefix. It's a part of the common name for specific chemicals. *********** James' link is fairly accurate. the idea is up to hexane follows this pattern .. .. ..CH3 .. … .| CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3. actually isoheptane follows that pattern too.. BUT other than isooctane, and a few select hydrocarbons, we tend to use different systems to name larger molecules. ********** again.. iso does not mean a branch of anything in any position off a main chain .. … .. .. . .. . ..OH .. . .. .. .. .. .. ..| CH3-CH2-CH2-CH-CH2-CH3 is not isohexanol this .. .. .CH3 .. … .| CH3-CH-CH2-CH2-CH2-OH is isohexanol. see the difference? ********** The reason I asked "what's the compound you're trying to name" is because of the "iso" isn't consistent for molecules larger than say.. heptane

magnesium nitrate – Mg (magnesium); NO3 (nitrate anion)
ammonium chlorate – NH4 (ammonium); ClO3 (chlorate anion)
lead oxide – any element with one oxygen is 'the element' + oxide

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