Is it ok to put rubbing alcohol in your ear to clean it out?

Yes it is okay to use the alcohol in the ear but it helps some if you heat it a little bit. Also hydrogen peroxide works real well. GOOD LUCK


Yes, its fine to use alcohol to clean your ear.

That is the best thing you can use because it does dry up the water unlike peroxide.

Mayo Clinic says it perfectly okay to put alcohol in your ear. I consider them the experts.

The best and safe remedy for an earache is the home remedies that I'm already tried. The one that work on my grandfather is the hot compress. You can try it same by going this blog:

put rubbing alcohol ear clean

I would not recommend you using alcohol, It does not dissolve the wax and can sting quite badly. It also damages the lining of the ear and paralysis the cilia for quite a time ( hairs that move debris to the outer ear). There are much better medicines to use. CERUMOL which is an oil based medicant which softens the wax, the heat of your body ( inner ear) will then cause the substance to flow out easily to the outer ear for cleaning. Hydrogen peroxide has been used but this is a bleaching substance and continued use will also cause skin damage to the inner ear. Stick to the oil based lotions available from your pharmacy. Any chemist or assistant will help you select a suitable brans if Cerumol is not available in USA or wherever you are.

it will help to disspiate the water in oyur ear, but it is not good for wax. most people use hydropgen peroxide, but that is not good either…
if you have wax, and use alcohol, it will dry the ear out more and cuase it to itch which then causes you to use a qtip and this pushes the wax farther in…try putting a few drops of mineral oil or sweet oil in your ears twice a week to keep the wax soft so that it will come out easier…this will also help keep the external auditory canal moistened and help decrease the itching!

Yes it is, by proxide works best… just dont let it go DOWN in your ear or you'll get a bad ear ache.

Alcohol is a solvent for oil based substances (like wax) and is also a dessicant (water absorbing agent).
So it is okay and safe for both things.
Plus, it's way safer than sticking a q-tip in there and will get further in without damage to your ear.

Abolsutly 100% safe or you are us hidordine peroxide too much more effective that i what i use and it is great

Works well…

it will work for water anyway, when the alcohol evaporates the water does also

rubbing alcohol will just dry your ear out. to clean out wax buildup use hydrogen peroxide. pour it in, let is sit a minute the suction it out. don't use a q-tip. rubbing alchol can cause you to get an ear infection because it strips out the natural membranes in the ear that protect it.

I wouldn't. it would clear out all the natural coating in ear. You can get ear cleaner liquid (more gel) stuff to drop in ear to clean the wax out. Or a professional can rinse it out for you with water.

It is ok but it would be better to use hydrogen peroxide.
A friend of mine used vinegar , soy sauce, peppercorns, laurel leaves and garlic and a kilo of chicken. But i won't reccomend that , its only good for cooking adobo.

I used to use alcohol for a long time to get water out of my ear but heard it is not a good idea and I think the above answer to your question is why. I would go with the other recommendations using Hydrogen Peroxide or something that is specifically made for the ear. I am sure your local pharmacy makes such a product.

hydrogen proxide works best

Is it ok to put rubbing alcohol in your ear to clean it out?
I was told to do this to eliminater water and wax.

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