Why do brown lumps of ear wax sometimes fall out of my ear?

there are little bugs in my head that roll it up into a ball and push it out

yuck. use a q-tip after every shower and you might not have that issue.

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Ear wax, like snot, it the bodies defense against things entering the body. When dust or dirt collects in the ear canal, the wax catches it and eventually will discharge it.

Basically this means when enough dirt/dust is surrounded by wax, it will fall out. Think of it like rolling a ball of glue on the ground. Once it collects dirt it becomes less sticky. Just like the glue, the wax becomes less sticky and falls out.

It's nothing to worry about, but using a Q-tip around the outer part of your ear canal will collect the excess wax. That way it wont fall out at random times.

Ear Wax Ball

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Why do brown lumps of ear wax sometimes fall out of my ear?
They're always a different consistency to ear wax I'm used to, in that they're kinda like slightly sticky plasticine that i can roll into a little ball. Brown/dark orange colour.

Because your ear canal's self-cleaning mechanism is working properly. Using Q-tips will only prevent that. It's completely normal… and it means your ear is working just like it should. The consistency depends on the amount of other stuff that's in the wax, and that changes all the time.

Cleaning around the outside of the ear canal won't prevent the balls from falling out. Anyway, it's normal. Just means your ear is self-cleaning properly.

Try washing your ears out occasionally.

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