What are some household lubes for masturbation ?

Avoid gels, soaps and shampoos. Baby oil or lotion for very sensitive skin are good options. Also, keeping the skin moisturized on a daily basis can help prevent chafing. Try using a lotion like Man1 Man Oil after showering for more resilient skin in general.

Masturbation Lube



There are many things that you could use. Spit is a good one (slippery). You could also use lotion. Vaseline also works but it's way too messy to clean up and it takes forever to get off your penis. I find that cleaning up isn't worth what you get out of it. You could use an oil. Or as you've been using, shampoo or soap although if it gets in the penis hole, oww. Another good one is shaving cream (feels different). You could also use a banana and use the juice from the peel, or just masturbate using the peel. I guess you could use water. Another good one is your sperm. If you like to masturbate more than once a day than you could save some of your c um and then use it as a lube for later. Or you could use anything that looks like it could be a good lube. Hope this helps!


Use KY jelly. You got to buy it though. I am not sure if you should use any household items because they might give you a rash. I wouldn't trust everybody on this site. Do not use everything that other people recommend.

Try a bar of soap, work it around in your hand to make a cream (not a lather). That will work. Shampoos and conditioners often work. Any kind of cooking oil–corn, olive, vegetable oils all work. Gross as it sounds, even mayonnaise will work.

like can you explan more pls.

cooking oil

hand lotion, baby oil, crisco, olive oil, pam. i'd stay away from shampoo especially. conditioner does work pretty well. so does hair gel. just look around. it's a beat-off world

baby oil..vaselline…

baby oil, KY gel

dont EVER use shampoo or conditioner…it will sting

Some men treat women like household items. But anyway, a man in my house had just said johnsons baby shampoo, it softens the skin while its hard… so difficult answering this without laughing my butt off… sorry.

Saliva, Lotions, Baby Oil….

I'm not a guy so i don't really know.


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vaseline dude ..lmfao lmfao!!

out of the shower…………car oil, WD-40, old english. lol!


lotion,vasoline, any oil will do……spit….

I don't have any experience with lubes, but this link has plenty of suggestions, and it's from a good source:

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