How do you know wen your high from smokeing marijuana?

me and friends got hifh as **** tonight like i can narely even move and my fridednd eric is playing guitar roght now his eyes are so red its like satan pissesd im them and barbeque lays are ******* good as **** i

Duuuude! You're, like, totally tripping out!

you will definitely know. the first and second time i smoked i didn't get that high the third time i did the other night it was good af! You will just start laughing and kinda be horny and don't care what goes on, and when i swallowed my food it felt like i couldn't swallow it and my mouth was really really dry then i started to be a little paranoid but it's a great feeling you'll have a lot of fun

Bright lights, deep bass, and food become your soul.

Trust me youll know if you're high. It may take 20-30 minutes for you to start feeling the high, but it will hit you and hit you hard. Out of nowhere you'll start feeling confused and a lot stranger than you felt 5 minutes before. Youll get dizzy and disoriented and start panicking. Youll feel like you need to sit down and relax

If you dnt even know if ur high DNT SMOKE!!!!!!! you shouldnt be anyways.

lol. okay. well i've been smoking for over a year, and i love it.. i've had so many experiences that i cant come close to remembering all of them. Its near impossible to describe the high. You can get a different high every time. It all depends on how much you smoke, how you smoke, and what you smoke. Obvously higher grades of pot will get you higher, and the more you smoke will add to the high. I think the defenition of the best high would be complete relaxation, and no worries. My favorite highs are when i'm with my best friends, laughing the whole time, smoking, eating and just hanging out. Some highs can make you paroind and thats not fun. You freak out every 3 seconds to see if your parents are coming home or if you have to clean up. You can also get really hyper highs were all you do is laugh, or really chilled out highs were you sit there the whole time and just think. But the one highs i probly hate the most are when you get regs, and you smoke to much of them, becuase then all it does it cause you to get smoked out and your head throbs. anyways,, yeah,, best high would defentaly be the ones where i laugh the whole time, and everything is funny, and alot of your high depends on the people you are around. Dont smoke with people you dont like, people that dont like you, or people that dont have the same mind set as you. I love when i smoke with my best friends becuase we can talk about the same stuff, and think about the same stuff and have a fun as **** high time.

Well you see, if you can tell if your high or not your either just buzzed or your not high at all, cuz if your high you'll be able to tell for sure. But ways to tell if your buzzed is everything a little bit more enjoyable, things seem a lot funnier, food tastes better, and your everyday stresses become less stressful. A few things that you might notice that aren't as great is an increase in paranoia (not to be mixed up with stress) and you just kinda act a bit more stupid. For example, I'm in between buzzed and high right now and I keep on spelling every ******* word wrong that I type Lol. But ya, usually if you just keep a positive mind and be chill, you will have a great time smoking pot. Lol I feel like I went off topic now so I'm just gonna be done now. Happy smoking 😀

wen ur anus gets tight and sweting

trust me, YOU WILL KNOW. most people dont get high the 1st time or u didnt do enough

you will definitely know when you're really high. the best way I can describe it is feeling like you're in a dream. when I got high for the first time I kept saying "I've never felt this way before" and "it feels like I'm in a dream". My eyes also got really heavy and I felt a lot of the things people above have noted.

It is like love, you can't explain what it feels like, and you'll know when you know.

This happens to many beginners, my friend, but be aware. One day you will experience the glorious feeling euphoria and join me in my current state of mind.

because you feel like theres no limits for anything and youll feel like a better you your body feels so amazing as well especially if your high with a lover!!!!

You'll notice many small changes in reactions, thoughts, and feelings.

Many first time smokers (and some on their second or third tries) don't manage to achieve a high even after smoking a good bit for a beginner. Experiment with different strains of pot, or different delivery methods (blunts, joints, bongs, etc).

If you are high, you may notice one of several common reactions.

-Time seems to slow down or your sense of time is distorted. (Ex. You watch someone make ramen and it feels as if it has taken several hours. Ramen doesn't take several hours to make.)

-You crave certain foods. Girls will be familiar with this in the form of PMS cravings, but you'll notice that you suddenly "need" to eat something, or that eating a food is much more pleasurable than normal. (Ex. You don't normally like a certain candy bar, but you eat one and decide it's the best food in the world.)

-Things seem much funnier than normal. This one is sometimes actually less obvious to you when you're high, but try to pay attention to things you're laughing at and decide if you'd normally find them funny. (Ex. When high, many people find the sound or pronunciation of certain words inexplicably hilarious.)

-You feel more relaxed, or realize you've finally stopped thinking about things you've been constantly stressing over. (Ex. If you have an exam coming up that you're very worried about, thinking about the exam while high may not invoke the same feeling of panic you experience when sober.)

-You act out in ways you wouldn't normally do. Many people, when high, decide that certain things that aren't normally socially (or physically) acceptable are a great idea. (Ex. A friend of mine was high and decided that she enjoyed putting things in her mouth to feel them. This included yarn, someone's earring, and other objects.)

when you try to open your eyes and feel a strain, when things feel slower, when youre thoughts are racing, when youre madd hungry, when you laugh alot

Signs Your High

DUUUUUUDE you just aint havin enough ! smoke until you feel something,sometimes it happens to beginers.Try Hydro skunk & lots of it.& let me know what happened next time.

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