About how tall is a 3 story building?

My husband is a builder and a story is figured 10 feet.

each floor is eight feet tall

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My 24' extension ladder is made up of two 12' sections, with the maximum "working" length being 21' (it loses 3' in overlap) I believe my dad's 28' ladder has the same 3' overlap which would give it a maximum working length of 25'. that is the total length of the ladder from shoes to the tips of the fly section, and you will probably be losing another foot or more to the angle from leaning against the house. that puts your ladder tips at 23' from grade level, and if you are particularly gutsy, (and not doing that much) you can reach two or three feet above the tips of the ladder. for minor things, this might be workable for you. for ongoing projects, you may want to invest in the costlier, heavier, longer ladder, or for a relatively short term project you may want to consider renting a scaffold system, or a manlift. Since you mention house painting in your topic line, I am assuming that is the project you are working on, and most painters I have worked around use a taller-than-needed ladder, with a standoff mechanism, to allow them to paint more surface of the house with less moving of the ladder, or they use a scaffold system or manlift, so they have fewer trips up and down a ladder. also to consider: at maximum extension, a ladder gets very springy. unless you are extremely comfortable with heights, I strongly recommend overkill on your ladder. a fire service rated ladder (working load 500# evenly distributed) bends noticeably at 200# load. a contractor's ladder (working load 250-300# depending on model) feels like a springboard under a 200# load.

32-36 feet.

36 feet? Assuming that it is only 3-stories and they are all equal height.

(Joke: What building has the most stories?)

(A: The Library)

Come on, you had to have seen that coming with 3-story building….

about 36 feet

figure between 12-15 feet per floor

3 Stories Tall

35-40 feet

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