Whats a good answer to the question "why do you want to work for chipotle"?

I need the paycheck and want to work in restaurant that cares about the food they prepare and the customers they serve.

Easy commuting distance.
1st job to start up at.
I got the health cards already. (Be sure this fits you as true!)

"Because I need a job." just doesn't fly, huh?

How about, "Because I love the food. I've eaten here for years, I know how it should look and taste."

I want to be challenged ( if the place is busy) and I would rather interact with people than stay behind a grill all day flipping patties

a) They have really good food!
b) I go there at least once a week for lunch!
c) I am desprate for a job and have been going there since I was like… Acually only a year!
d) They seem to get a lot of bissness and really need a faster working process.
e) Because it seems like a good place for a high-school grad. like me, to work at! and is a better place to work at then Mickey d's !

"I want to work at Chipotle because I love it. I've been eating it for a while, and I love the food. I would be a great worker because I know the menu, so I can recommend food to customers."
If you don't know the menu, you better start studying it.
Good luck! Hopefully you get the job! (:

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