How to tell if you ejaculated or not?

if white stuff comes out you have ejaculated

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haha your mom is fairly a ***** who grounds somebody for asserting ejaculate. the completed difficulty is hilarious the two merely settle for the punishment, or ask her why she have been given o mad once you stated ejaculate and say it as many time in the time of the verbal substitute as achievable.

welll first youll have an orgasm this is a short period of extensive pleasure. b4 the stuff come out it will feel like ur about to pee but different some how. now depending on the age u r u might not be able to sperm yet. this is cuz the tube which the sperm comes out of has not yet opened. b4 u come often very close 2 when u start masturbating u may produce somthing called pre-***. this is a liquid which contains urine left in the tubes, seman from the last time, and anything else that might be blocking the way for a smooth ejaculation. sperm is usualy white or clear, usualy getting whiter as u grow older, this is oftenly hot and may either buble out or shoot like a giser. how it shoots out depends on how u do the stuff (if u no what i mean) *whinck* *winck* although the more powerful the ejaculation the more it with SHOOT and the better it will feel.

you ejaculate when semen comes out, but you can get that orgasm feeling b4 ejaculating, its called the stop and go, build up and get dat feeling then stop and wait a few seconds then do again and again, then once you ejaculate its awesome

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