What does "LT" mean on a chevy truck?

Just an indicator of options and whatnot. Prob. means Limited Time or something. I wouldn't worry about what's on the truck, just what's in it. Chevy will change it in time anyways.

its the type of model like if its a luxury one or not

Its the equpment level option code like w/t= worktruck, LS= nice basic equipment, LT= better equpment in some years leather, and the newest LTZ= top of the line. The true options change every few years when I started LS was the middle package and LT was the top of the line bucket seats with leather that now is LTZ.

Even though the Chev Silverado's are built in Canada and Mexico, GM is still an American company and the profits they make return to Detroit where as the Toyota Tundra, although made in America, is owned by a Japanese company, so therefore the profits return to Japan. We have plenty of Toyota's and Honda's built in Canada, and no matter where they are assembled they are still Japanese cars built by Japanese companies. As for the GM pick-up trucks, GM plans on pulling them out of Canada and assembling them in the US. Also Ford has no plans to redesign and continue with the Canadian built Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Town Car, they will scrap these cars after 2011 and close down the St. Thomas Ontario assembly plant. Due to Canada's rising dollar, the Big Three have no incentives for manufacturing cars here anymore. It may be in the future there will be more cars built in the USA.

The LS and LT are trim levels of GM cars and trucks.LT stands for luxury touring and the LS stands for luxury sport.Hope this info helps.

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What does "LT" mean on a chevy truck?

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