What if I can't find a needle to pop my blister?

Cure Cold Sores
or Herpes Simplex Type I Naturally?

your hands…duh…

Well, it should have a sharp point. Maybe a small paperclip bend open? A push pin. Knife with a small sharp point (be careful with this one). The end of a cork screw? Taking your left hand and pushing the blister together will increase the tension and make it easier to pop with the "tool" in your right hand. Make sure that it is cleansed with alcohol, held over an open flame, sterile from a package or boiled in water for 10 minutes. You do not want an infection! And do think about letting it heal on it's own.

your teeth…. eh?

You should never pop a blister, it is covering new sensitive skin, and protecting it. You should cover it and leave it alone.

use a safety pin or the back or your earing.

I woldn't use a needle anyway because if the needle has some sort of infection and it goes into your skin you'll get an infection UNDER your skin.

Really not nice. My grandma had one. =[

You should never NEVER pop a blister.
Cover it with a band aid and your body will re-absorb the fluid that makes the blister.

back of thumb tack

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