Does your throat hurt when you cry?

I am not sure why it happens but mine hurts too it feels like you have a lump in your throat and the only thing that makes it go away for me is crying for as long as I need.

me too all my life..very common..hurts right now as a matter of fact LOL..I've been crying on and off for a few weeks and so it's been hurting more then usual..

I think the reason most peoples' throat hurts when you either cry or try to hold back from crying is because you're using your throat muscles, making them contract tightly against the back of your throat to prevent yourself from vocally sobbing too loud or vocally sobbing all together (Making vocal noise when crying), thus making your throat muscles sore for a bit. That could also explain the so called "Lump in your throat" that everyone keeps describing.

sometimes when i am sad my tears hurt but my heart hurts more


yea it gets hard to swallow. (HAPPENS TO EVERYONE)

yes. this happens because your ears, eyes, throat and sinus passages are all connected. When you cry you have a lot of liquid that is coming out….you eyes, your nose if probably running, and ultimately some of that drainage gets back in your throat. Also when you cry I am sure you make a sound too…all that going on can make you feel like you sort of have a little bit of a sore throat going on. No worries. It's normal.

that happens to me when I try not to cry. It feels like a small ball is sitting there. When I try yo talk it the pain make me want to let the tear out instead of holding it in.

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