Which bone hurts the most when its broken??

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Not right away. But when the shock wears of it will. Then it will depend on your thresh hold for pain on how much. That has been my experience with four broken bones.For me it was never real bad. I hope you never have to find out.

Most Painful Bone To Break

Your tail bone. You can't do anything but sit on a big plastic donut to fix that. Ouch.

I've run some tens of thousands of Paramedic calls over the past 30 years….and I can't really answer that, because of course there is no answer. But I can tell you what I've noticed. 1). Your 'cheekbones' (zygomatic). It takes a huge force to 'break' your face, as in baseball bat to face. You will be lucky to be unconscious. 2). The 'shoulder', meaning actually the upper-arm (humerus-clavicle). Usually also associated with a dislocation, damn painful. 3). The upper leg, or femur. 4). Ribs, sternal injuries. Painful and makes breathing hard. 5). 'Tailbone' or coccyx injuries….ouch. Hope this helped.

collar bone it hurts with any slight movement

I broke my knee and tore the acl. It was quite horrible.. It didnt hurt so much breaking it.. but the healing of it was PAINFUL.. cause just walking would hurt sooo bad.

I woudl say initially the femur. that is not a bone you want to break. but I have broken my right fibula and ankle which resulted in tearing all of the ligaments in my ankle as well. It required a plate and 9 screws. 2 of which I got removed last winter. It took well over 3 months before I could start walking with a boot and another 3-4 months before I could ditch the boot. and about another 2-4 months before I started feeling comfortable playing basketball and football again. the initial break hurt but wasn't unbearable, but the day after it was terrible. Especially if you accidentally put any pressure on your foot at all. The day after surgery felt like someone was taking a saw to my leg, worst pain I ever felt. I want to get the metal removed soon. And yesterday while playing basketball I was getting played dirty and when I went up for a 3 I got pushed, landed on someones foot and rolled my foot to the inside and heard a big crack. Thought for sure I broke my other ankle cause I was in extreme pain for a few hour and then the pain went away unless I moved my ankle at all. Went to the ER to get an xray, luckily no fracture but I do at least have a level 2 ankle sprain which is partially tore ligaments. I can't stand at all or I have extreme pain. I have motion but it is painful if i move too much. In my opinion the ankles are the worst because if you break your ankle your also tearing ligaments which require much more time to heal than the normal 6 weeks for bones. That and you are immobile. You think it is not so bad cause you have your arms but your arms become your legs now and you cant grab anything, standing up on crutches for too long causes pain and you risk getting off balance, and right now with the ice and snow, probably the worst thing that could have happened. just hope you don't break anything period! I would have much rather broken one of my arms than my ankle


I've always heard the clavicle (collarbone) was the most painful, but after having one break on me, it wasn't bad. The only thing is, the pain lingers for years. Broken ribs? No way. They only hurt for a while. As for initial pain, the femur (thigh) is the single worst break one can have. I've seen Marine Corps Recons, who are trained to ignore pain, cry out with a broken femur, it's that bad.

I've heard it's your femur (thigh bone). But I don't know. I've never broken a bone. I imagine breaking your back would be pretty painful too.

femur and calcaneus. short and simple.

Well what hurts more is when you just cracked you re ribs now Thad is so more painful then a broken arm leg etc…

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At first it is your fingers. The main reason is they are in full view and you can "see" the pain and feel the pain.
After the bone has been set it has a lot to do with what you need to keep doing with it. Some have mentioned ribs and I think that's good, we have to breath right?
I still lean toward the foot or hand because of the number of bones and the number of nerves.

This is the leg bone at the most of animals.

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which bone hurts the most when its broken??
jus wonderin

I couldn't tell you this by experience, but I would imagine that they all hurt when broken….but I would say the most painful would be the ribs or sternum….since they're constantly moving when you breathe. Best of luck to you.

i also heard femur.

In our family we've had broken wrists, broken hands, a broken humerous, a broken pelvis, broken ribs, broken shoulder, broken skull, and a broken femur.
I would say the 2 most painful are the femur & the pelvis, although any broken bone hurts

I've, dislocated my jaw, broken nose, wrists (each), both arms, 3 ribs, femur and broke one ankle done the ligaments on the other pretty bad as well. Thankfully not all at the same time. The femur and the ankle break are something else! I got really unlucky with the leg as It need operated and a plate. My white blood cell count was thro the roof as I had flu. So had to spend a week in traction 🙁 you learn a lot in that time, it's an overwhelming pain you can't avoid soon as the muscle spazzmes your hole leg starts kicking off, you won't cry it's too sore, a lot of screaming and squeezing people's hands off. The ankle was a tiny little hairline facture and the only break that made me cry like a little girl lol

Worst Broken Bones

Easy answer : Your heel bone-nothing else even comes close.They not only hurt when you first break them , they can continue to hurt for years and years after they been healed
Over the years I've broken :
1 nose
1 neck
4 ribs
1 fibula
tore 1 MCL
amputated 1/2 a pinkie
And the calcaneal fracture(s0 was hands down the most painful thing that I've ever experienced .

back bone.

ive broken my ankle, tailbone twice, toes , fingers, 4 ribs, wrists a phew times. have torn a tricep and some other fun stuff….

for real though, broke my heel couple years back and it was the worse pain ever… n after a year i was still aching. better now but its like a mental thing. ima always careful with it.

Ohhh….Gotta go with rib….nothin you can do and it hurts to breathe

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