How much does it cost for a BMW oil change?

That car should take about 2 gallons of oil, so that's how much you'll pay in oil, there'll be an oil filter, the rest is labor so work it out..
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How much does it cost for a BMW oil change?
I was wondering how much does a oil change cost for a 2004 BMW 325Ci and am I able to take it somewhere other than the BMW dealership? Also how often are you supposed to get a oil change? The car currently has 41k miles on it.

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Yes you can take it to other places then the dillership. It costs about $70-90 because they use synthetic oil. You should get an oil change about every 5-7K miles to keep the car in good condition. Just make sure you take it to a good mechanic (not a lube PLACE, they will rip u off). to be on the safe side look at your car's owners manual to see what grade of oil you need.
I have a BMW 740i 2001 and i pay $90 for an oil change. (big engine)

u need to take it to a dealership cost me about $130 but they go over th whole car and give u a detailed report of ur car, change once a year

depending its between $80 to the hundreds, BUT the oil change lasts you between 12,000-15,000 miles.your oil indicator will come on and tell you. You can go anywhere, but i prefer a BMW dealership, they know how to take care of the cars and won't try to scam you by saying " you know is about time for your air filter to be changed, we can do that for $30…"

The service indicator in the instrument cluster tells you when service is needed. It averages out, depending on your driving, to around 15,000 miles for an oil change, or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

If you intend to keep the car, it would be a sensible precaution to perform an interim oil change at around 7,500 miles.

Synthetic oil is recommended. Make sure it meets BMW's longlife requirement, in this case LL-04. BMW sells their own branded oil that meets this requirement, but so do others. Just read the bottle carefully or search online first!

You can take the car to the dealer, or a BMW-specific independent (find one near you at, or even do it yourself. Get a quality oil filter, and 7 quarts of oil, and have at it.

Synthetic Oil is not cheap. No matter where you buy the oil. Just be glad you guys don t own an M5 or M3 or most of the BMWs today.

A lot of BMWs require 10w60 weight oil. That is 12-20 bucks a liter. That times 5,6 or 7 liters in your car + $$$$
If you have a car that requires 10W60 and they only charge you around 120 bucks for the oil change, that is actually pretty much labor free to you from the dealerships. BMW does not make money on oil changes. Its the upsale of other services they will try and hit you up for. Would you need the other services done? Probably, but I wouldn t have BMW do it because they mark up the price on labor and parts just as any service shop will do.

yeah u could take it to a private shop but then its really not worth it because they dont charge much less than the dealer would i have a 4 door 323i and i pay around 80 for an oil chnge your car needs around 6.5 quarts of oil.. i would recommend taking it to the dealer because you wont save much money by going to a private shop.. and always use synthetic.

Oil Change For Bmw

Bmw Oil Change Cost

It depends on where ya take it. Expect to spend a couple of hundred for oil, filter and labor. The mechanic also has to reset the service indicator light. Use Castrol and OEM filter. You don't have to go to the dealer, but go to a service facility which specializes in BMWs.

Don't believe the hype of needing to change the oil every 2500 miles. The service indicator will tell you how often, based on your driving style.

Yeah well a lot of what you just read is bullshit. It should cost you under $100…and don't bet that they won't try and sell you more service. Just had it done and they tried, to no avail, to sell me $600 more service for belts, air filters etc. which the car didn't need.

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