Will pouring salt in an open wound do anything?

I was using a saws-all today, and one of the grips rubbed the flesh right off my thumb. I was just wondering if putting some salt in it would do any good? Supposedly swimming in the ocean is good for when you have a cut that's healing (sharks aside), so just wondering if salt minus the water works the same way? No smart-*** answers, please.

You must be confusing medical alcohol with salt. Yes they will both burn but salt will make it worse and medical alcohol will make it better!

Salt absorbs water, and ergo bacteria. So you could say that pouring salt on a wound will help prevent infection. However, it doesn't speed up healing time, and it shouldn't be replaced for at least a band-aid. The only problem is that it hurts to put salt in a wound. But if you're okay with a little pain, go ahead.

Hope this helped!

I don't suggest putting salt on your wound, it will burn really bad and plus salt is used to put on fresh meat to preserve it. Don't use salt, if the cut has reached the second layer of your skin you should wash it with peroxide and try to close it with something.

Hi E,

Salt helps healing because it inhibits bacterial growth. Too much salt will hurt and delay healing because it will destroy normal tissues. You can dissolve some salt in water and use it to clean your wound. You can buy a small packet of normal saline from your pharmacist to clean your wound. In hospitals salt water (normal saline) is used to clean wounds. If you are young, have a good circulation and are free of any virulent infection your small wound should heal without any difficulty. If you have MRSA etc then you should see a doctor.

Please note that our blood has 0.9 % salt in it. Also sea water is 0.9% salt. It is for this reason that evolutionary theorists say that we evolved from sea creatures.

Salt is used as a preservative because it inhibits bacterial, fungal and viral growth.

Put a teaspoon of salt or epsom salt in warm water and soak, soak, soak

yeah thats the idea, hopefully.

Salt The Wound Band

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