My carbon monoxide alarm is beeping every 30 sec! Should i be worried?

Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping

i would be worried if the battery is not low check the peak level there should be a button for that then call gas company they will come out even after hours for that they tell you it will be a large charge on your bill but i had them come out a couple years ago and i never seen a charge i think they say that just to see if you really need help or not cause some people probably take advantage if they new it was free but i would call just to be safe and even if they did charge there's no limit on what you would pay to save your life or your family's good luck don't just ignore it make sure you figure out the problem other wise you may not wake up

Never ignore a CO alarm. This alerts before an emergency, before symptoms giving you time to resolve the problem.
You should be testing and vacuuming the cover monthly.
Have you looked at the display?
LB for low battery.
Don't ignore a reading of 30 PPM.
You can reset or call the toll free consumer hot line to diagnosis over the phone and assist you with any questions.
You can open windows, vent appliances, back car out of garage a safe distance from the living quarters.
An emergency would be a reading of 100 ppm without symptoms.
50-100 should be a concern but not ignored.

Elderly, pregnant women, small children who are more susceptible should be watched for symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness and nausea.

If you do a test and reset and it reactivates within 24 hours, call a qualified technician.
So, to sum up:

* Get out of the house and call 911 if the carbon monoxide alarm starts beeping loudly.

* Change the battery if alarm chirps one quick little beep every few minutes.

* If you need more advice, call the nonemergency phone number for your fire department.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping

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Make sure it doesn't take batteries, search around your house for the manual, open ALL windows.

Did you check the battery? If it was a carbon monoxide alert it should be telling you the concentration numbers, or at least mine does. If worried ,it never hurts to open a window.

the display should indicate low battery. If it does'nt, than you may have a problem. You are suppose to exit your home and call 911. You should always have batteries on hand. Also a plug in unit with battery back up is the best way to go. They are not expensive when you consider it is your life.

If this has been going on for some time and you have not become ill or unconscious, it could very well need battery replacement. However, I would not stay in my house with it beeping and not knowing for sure. If battery replacement does not solve the problem and there is not exposure to carbon monoxide, I would get a new detector. It is very important to have one functioning correctly.

My unit does not have a battery and plugs directly into the wall. I've had the symptoms indicated above: headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. I beeps every few seconds. Should I be worried?

Any time a carbon monoxide alarm starts beeping or goes off you should be worried as carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that has no Mercy and kills.But first get new batteries and I mean now install them reset it and then if it still beeps get some one out to your house and check for leaks.

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