Do candles set off smoke detectors?

Please don't – it is so dangerous in a crowded multi-unit dwelling – it's just not worth it.

It may or may not set off the smoke detector – just please err on the side of caution.

Yes, they can. Be sure to have the candle lit away from any draft and any fabric. Also, trim the wick often so it does not have a high flame.

Only after you blow them out,could they.

Candles do NOT generally create enough smoke to set of a smoke detector. (I use them in my house frequently enough and I have a hardwired smoke detectors connected to my security system. They have NEVER set them off.) However if you are in a small space or very close to the detector they certainly could. A dorm room certainly could qualify.

That being said, most dorms have rules against candles. They are just too dangerous in that type of setting. Campus fire authorities generally set the smoke detectors to high sensitivity to help enforce that rule.

I wouldn't risk it. Buy some glade plug in scented oils instead!

Yes they would, would you be violating any of the Dorm rules which can get you expelled by lighting this up.

It depends on how sensitive your smoke detector is Mine at home will

It depends on the candle & how close it is to the detector. If the candle has lead in the wick (most do) it will cause more smoke. Keep the candle in an open area away from a draft. If the smoke detector is in your room put the candle as far away as safely possible. Try to find candles with cotton wicks, they produce less smoke. PartyLite is a good candle provider, thier candles have 100% cotton wicks and the wax is parafin so it dissolves and is not too messy. They last longer too.
A small candle will not set off the alarm as long as nothing catches on fire, which is why dorms have rules. To protect the students living there.

Light Candle Smoke

Probably, but don't light the candle near the detector.

However, if there are rules against candles, don't light one. About 6 1/2 years ago 5 students died in a dorm fire at Seton Hall U. You get bad Karma from it.

"Early on the morning of Jan. 19, 2000, a fire killed three students and injured 58 others in a Seton Hall University dormitory. On June 11, 2003, two men were arrested and charged with starting the blaze."

While it's lit it shouldn't set it off. But when you are putting it out, make sure to use a drop of water on the flame instead of blowing it out. You blow it out and you'll have a smog cloud in your room from one tiny candle! 🙂 good luck.

Candle light is beautiful, but in a multi dwelling, it would be best to find another way to sent the air instead. Many are on the market besides plug ins to outlets. Some with quiet sounds of nature, plus smell. One new device has candle scents that are so much safer. Check out Wal-Mart for these.

My smoke alarm goes off from anything baking in the oven and if I take a hot shower from the steam. My candles and incense do not set it off. It depends on your smoke alarm. Check to see if anyone else in your dorm has them and if it has set it off.

Yes – they can – if they are put close to the smoke detectors or if they are smoky [email protected]

No, but you should not have anything burning in a dorm room. It's against the rules.

candles usually aren't allowed in dorm rooms becuase of the fire hazard – but he's how to tell if it will set it off: Is your dorm smoking or non? If it is a smoking dorm than the detectors have been adjusted to ignore low levels of smoke and you candle will not set it off. If it's a non-smoking dorm than it will set it off. Of course this is assuming the detector is in the same room as the candle. If the detector is on the other side of a door than just keep the door shut while it's burning and for about 10-15 min afterwards – you'll be fine

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