In the medical field what does PA-C/MS mean ?

I agree. PA-C stands for physician assistant certified and MS means this person has a master's degree in science

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in the medical field what does PA-C/MS mean ?
these letters come after the name. can this person give medical advice?

physicians assistant-certified, masters of science. Yes.

PA is Physician's Assistant, C means he is certified, and the MS means he holds a master's degree. I would think this person is well qualified to give most medical advice. He would work directly under a physician and report to him.

Physicians assistant. This person can give medical advice under the supervision of a physician.

PA stands for "Physician Assistant" the "-C" means they are certified by the NCCPA, a national organization which offers standardized certification testing for PA's. PA's are licensed by states to PRACTICE MEDICINE, like a doctor, with a collaborating doctor or doctor(s). Yes, by all means, they can give medical advice. Order and interpret tests. Prescribe medications. Order treatments, etc.

Pa-c Meaning

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When two or more states have reciprocity agreement that means those states will honor licenses from other states in certain professions. So when someone received a license from a state based on license from another state, the method is reciprocity, they basically did not have to re-take the licensing exam. As far as I know many states have reciprocity agreements on many medical professions. Otherwise any doctor would have to retake doctor's exam when they move from state to state.

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